Is Yelp Important? Should You Pay Attention To Your Yelp Page?

How important is Yelp? One word, “Very”.

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Regardless of your views on Yelp either professionally or personally…Yelp is here to stay, their mystified review filtering process and all. Yelp, If not the top, one of the most important review sites for any business in any industry. Consumers turn to Yelp to read unbiased reviews of a business, readers trust what other say on Yelp. Often times you’ll discover that the reviews of a business truly reflect that businesses level of service. Those reviews often are the deciding factor in whether they choose your business or not. Monitoring reviews and interacting with your reviewers is vital to your business.

Yelp while traditionally catered to restaurants has become a powerhouse for customer reviews in all industries. Paying close attention to your what consumers are saying about your business if extremely important. This will give you insight into how you’re being perceived and the level of service customers expect. Like it or not, you need to take a proactive approach to your help reviews. Don’t wait until you have a number of negative reviews to react, work on putting your Yelp page out there to gain more positive reviews.

Yelp has also done a good job delivering review to other outlets. If you haven’t noticed, Bing and Yahoo local business listings rely on Yelp reviews in their local search results. This is even more reason why you should be proactive in your approach to yelp. With Bing and Yahoo your Yelp star rating will display in┬álocal search results.

Additionally, Yelp has come a long way with their advertising platform. With their current CPC platform, we have seen great results for local businesses.

If you have specific question about Yelp and the impact on your business, contact us.

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