New Build or Facelift with WordPress Website

Should you rebuild or revamp your website?

This is a question that most businesses face often. While we suggest changing your website every two years, we know more often than not it’s every 4-6 years. When that time comes though, do you really need to have a complete rebuild? Well that depends on how your website is built…with most WordPress websites, this won’t be an issue. WordPress allows us to easily make design changes without having to rebuild the entire website. Which is an advantage to most business owners.

First, check with your webmaster. Depending on how your website site is built and how it was programmed will determine if you can do a facelift versus a complete rebuild.

Know when to rebuild and know when to give it a facelift.

When to rebuild

If you have has multiple programmers working on the website.

  • Different programmers write differently. Often times you’ll end up with a lot of erroneous code on the backend that does nothing accept take up space.

If you’ve used a number of different plugins over the years

  • The use of many plugins can make you susceptible to unwanted intrusion of your website. Many plugins can drain resources and not knowing what they were used before it’s easier to rebuild than dissect how and where they are used.

If you’re changing structural or functional elements

  • If you’re making major structural or functionality changes to the website, it’s best to start from scratch.

When to revamp with a facelift

When you’re don’t want to make major changes to the structure of the website or functionality. A facelift is a great way to give your website a new look and feel and modernize the website. Simple design changes and increase your conversion and engagement of the website.

A facelift will also save you thousands of dollars that would be better spent on marketing your business.

Here are some examples of recent facelifts we have completed

If you’re looking to rebuild or revamp your WordPress website, give us a call to determine your best option.

Jeff Irvine

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