SEO Predictions in 2018, What’s New and What To Keep Your Eye On For SEO in 2018

SEO Predictions in 2018, What's New and What To Keep Your Eye On For SEO in 2018 1

What is New for SEO in 2018?

SEO predictions in 2018

SEO is a fast-changing technology. As we enter 2018 (with renewed hope and vigor, of course), there are several existing and emerging SEO trends that we need to watch out for. Some trends that started a year ago are likely to come into greater prominence. Some in existence for the past several years are likely to disappear, and some completely new trends are likely to emerge as if out of nowhere.

Here are five new SEO trends you should watch out for in 2018.

  1. Voice search likely to go mainstream

Voice-search technology has been around for some time. While an increasing number of people have been using it, it has still been languishing in the shadow of text search. The main obstacle so far is the lack of natural language capabilities to match the user’s conversational tone. But, the growing popularity of digital assistants is quickly changing the landscape, and 2018 is the year voice search is likely to go mainstream. Google claims that 20 percent of searches in its massively popular search engine already comes from voice queries. By the end of the year, that percentage could climb to 50 percent or higher. So, SEO strategies will have to rise to the challenge and use voice search to attract visitors.

  1. Link building likely to be reincarnated

Link building has been around for several years and it’s not likely to disappear in 2018. It has played a pivotal role in getting backlinks and referral traffic and its importance is likely to grow. However, it will probably not happen in the way it is now used. Rather than focusing on backlinks and referral traffic, future SEO strategies will focus on building solid relationships that will be beneficial in the long term. Thus, link building will be reincarnated as relationship building.

  1. A better focus on user experience (UX)

Google has announced that its focus will be on the users. This means more advanced technologies will be made available to website builders so they can deliver a smoother UX experience to visitors. An enhanced UX will increase the chances of visitors engaging more intimately with the website they are visiting. This will, in turn, help search engines to single out web pages that are more useful to individual visitors. A successful SEO strategy will involve looking at the visitors’ browsing habits to build long-term relationships.

  1. A big step toward visual search

There is likely to be a major step toward visual search in 2018. Major tech companies, including Google and Microsoft, are investing in the research and development of visual-search engines. They will allow users to search contents using images and videos rather than just by using text. For that to happen, search engines will have to be truly A.I. driven, which is already happening. When that happens, SEO strategies will quickly evolve to take advantage of new visual-driven search methods to attract more quality visitors.

  1. The rise of A.I. and machine learning

Major tech companies are investing heavily in artificial intelligence (A.I.) and machine learning. Already, popular search engines, such as Google and Bing, are using A.I. to give faster and better search results. Google’s RankBrain, a deep-learning algorithm, is changing the Internet-search landscape. Soon SEO strategies will have to find a way to take advantage of the powerful A.I. and machine learning capabilities of search engines and websites.

Thus, it looks like 2018 is going to be an exciting year for SEO. Talk with search engine optimization (SEO) experts to learn how you can take advantage of the new trends in 2018.



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