How to Promote Your Job Offerings to Better Applicants

How to Promote Your Job Offerings to Better Applicants 1

When it comes to hiring, the better the applicants you have to choose from, the better employees you will have once final decisions are made. It is a far better problem to have several excellent candidates to choose from, than picking the best of a handful of mediocre candidates. But how do you get that great talent pool to choose from to begin with? Here are five great tips for pulling together a good job posting and promoting it in the right places.

How to Promote Your Job Offerings to Better Applicants 2

Actively Look for Applicants

Looking for great applicants is like anything else in life, you will get out of it what you put in. Instead of just posting your job opening anywhere and everywhere, use your contacts and resources instead. Ask your friends, colleagues, and even family if they can recommend someone and why. Check with local colleges that offer degrees in the position you have available and ask teachers and faculty for their recommendations. Great applicants will rarely just fall into your lap, if you want them, you generally have to go out and find them.


Explore Social Media

Much like going out to look for applicants, you can often find what you are looking for online by doing some searching. LinkedIn in particular, is a great resource for finding applicants that may not be aware of your job posting. Check out friends of friends who know the best in the industry. You’d be surprised how deep your pool of friends go. A social media expert says targeting demographics like this on Facebook is easier than ever.


Use a Temp Agency or Employment Service

One of the problems with hiring a new employee is that it takes time to interview and screen them, not to mention the expense of doing other types of pre-employment screening such as checking references, doing background and credit checks, or conducting pre-employment drug testing. A temp agency or employment service does all the pre-screening for you, and simply sends you acceptable candidates. In addition, if one does not work out, instead of going all the way back to square one, you can call the agency and simply have a new candidate sent out.


When it comes to finding great applicants, it is important to be proactive. Instead of simply posting a job and waiting for them to come to you, it is wiser to go out and find them. In addition to finding great applicants, looking for them can also help you get recommendations in advance, which will also save you time when you are trying to narrow down the talent pool. Even if you don’t have the budget to hire an agency to do the work for you, to get great talent you have to actively recruit and think like a professional head hunter.

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