Why SEO May Be Best For Your Business

SEO – How Can It Grow Your Business?

Basically, SEO is the bread and butter of every business marketing. It doesn’t matter whether you have a blog, website or just a product; you can’t expect it to do good if you don’t have good SEO.

So, what exactly can SEO do? The most basic answer would be that it gets more people to your website. SEO uses specialized keywords to target certain keywords globally or locally. For instance, if you search a product or service on Google, you’ll only find sites in that city that used that exact keyword in their content. The value of SEO is the maintain high rankings so when your keywords are searched, you are consistently in front of them.

Now that we have established what SEO is, it’s only fair that we talk a bit about the benefits of SEO. First off, there are a ton of things in this list. But, in order to keep everything readable, we have shortlisted four reasons why you need SEO…

  1. Higher ROI

This is the main reason why people prefer SEO because of its better ROI. According to a survey, out a 1000 people that visit your site due to SEO, 4% convert into customers which is double of the conversion you can expect from paid advertisements. This guarantees that your marketing won’t be for nothing and you’ll actually have some customers rolling in.

  1. Increased Value to PPC

PPC is really an underdog when it faces SEO. Overall, SEO is a much suitable tool for clicks because it doesn’t cost that much. PPC not only requires you to constantly pay (as per its name “pay per click”), it doesn’t guarantee conversion. You’ll be spending a ton of money and there’s no assurance that you’ll make any off of it. It’s really obvious why people prefer SEO.

  1. Guaranteed Traffic

There’s one thing a business needs more than sales; and its traffic. You need traffic if you’re going to make sales. SEO is one of the only things that can guarantee traffic. There are some local SEO companies in Sacramento that provide an estimated number of people that will visit your site indefinitely. Other advertising mediums are sort of a hit-or-miss type of thing. You might get lucky, you might not. But, with SEO, you can bet that you’ll be getting more and more traffic every day.

  1. Climbing Higher on SERP

Google’s first result page is something the public trust. Being on the first page proves to your customers that you’re a legit business and your services are highly reliable. This will not only increase brand awareness, it’ll also bring in a lot of new customers. 75% of the overall traffic goes to the first 5 links on SERP. With SEO, you can assure you make the cut!


It’s pretty obvious; it wouldn’t take a genius to figure out that everyone needs SEO. If you don’t think that you need it, just realize the fact that your competitors are using it. If you’re going to have any chance of outranking them, then go ahead and call the best SEO Company in Sacramento, InnoVision. We have experts here that will triple the traffic and ROI you currently have. So, if you’re looking for the pioneers, you have definitely found them!

InnoVision has locations in Sacramento & Petaluma, CA.

Why SEO May Be Best For Your Business 1Jeff Irvine
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