4 Additions to Your Business That Will Make Your Employees Happier and More Productive

Growing job opportunities means that the most desirable candidates will often have multiple offers on the table at any one time. This is true for both new hires as well as current employees. Yes, offering vacation time and healthcare benefits is a good start to keep your employees happy, but often it is not enough. We spoke previously about how to promote yourself to new hires, but how do you guarantee your employees will stay? To keep your current employees and potential candidates happy you should consider the following ideas.

Job Training Programs

A lot of employees are happier just being able to perform their jobs better. Employers should guarantee job training to their employees. When workers feel more confident, they automatically perform better at their jobs. Another idea that has shown to improve employee happiness is to advance workers within the company and help them gain higher positions. An example is a program that allows entry-level employees become managers after one or two years of experience. This is helpful for the company as current employees already have successful experience with the inner workings of the business.

Improved Parking

Most business owners don’t think about the significance of the parking lot. They assume that employees go in and out without too much thought and do not consider the efforts and effects of the commute. It still helps to use techniques that improve parking for everyone. Consider investing in removable bollards to make allowing or restricting access quick and hassle-free or to enhance the security of your lots.If you are not able to invest in something as permanent a fixture as that, then signs, traffic cones, or simple roadblocks are a temporary alternative.

Contests and Special Events

Also, encourage your employees to participate in activities outside of the workplace. Look for industry-related seminars or workshops in your local area and ask that they attend. Provide links on your website where they can find more information. Do not make it required, however. Different workers have different priorities, and they may not appreciate feeling as if they have to give up their work/life balance for an unpaid requirement. Consider throwing in some paid lunches, which have been shown to provide a potential return on investment of 150 percent. Some employees prefer active and competitive environments. Consider offering monthly contests, such as sale contests, or motivation for getting the most positive feedback from customers. Both type A and B personalities should feel motivated to bring their best to work every day.

Feedback Surveys

Sometimes, it just helps to ask your employees what they want. Use surveys to get information from both your customers and staff. Create a feedback box to hold anonymous answers and protect their confidentiality. The best way to keep employees happy is to listen to them, and figure out any problems before they become serious. Ensure there are clear lines of communication for employees to voice their needs, and keep up with everyone working for you. Open door policies are sound in principle but not necessarily always the best way to get feedback.

Being happy and productive at work is more than getting paid vacation days. Employees want to feel appreciated by their employers and will show their appreciation in return. It’s essential that more business owners turn employee satisfaction into a top priority as the results will pay off in the long run.

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