Getting the Most Out of Sales Leads

Getting the Most Out of Sales Leads 1

Sales leads are essentially potential customers, whether individuals or organizations that express interest in your services or goods. Many businesses today have extensive lead generation programs, ranging from advertisements to referrals.

However, what most business owners and management have neglected is the importance of leveraging or getting the most out of their sales leads. The business relationship typically starts when someone calls you or fills out a request or order form on your website. Subsequently, if potential clients express their interest on your products or services, you should be in a position not only to respond fast, but also convince them to become customers.

Read further to see how you can get the most out of sales leads.

Respond to sales leads as fast as possible

One of the major complaints by customers in the present digital era is a poor response to queries. Assuming by now that your company has a great website, you have invested in SEM or SEO, and you have top ranking lead generation forms and a comprehensive marketing strategy. The main goal of all these efforts is to find new customers.

Assuming again that all these strategies are working, then why is your business not improving. One of the primary causes of this stagnation is lack of proper programs to convert the prospective customer into real ones.

A study on Forbes established that 71% of sales leads that companies generate online are wasted. This was attributed to poor response rate by companies. In fact, the study showed that most companies take approximately 46 hours and 53 minutes to respond to a phone call from a lead. Interestingly, the sales rep who made the calls only made 1.3 call attempts and moved on to other leads.

With statistics, you can see the importance of responding to sales leads as fast as possible. Do not let the potential lead dismiss your organization, even after having selected it to make the queries, just because they were kept waiting for long or even ignored. Do not work on your sales leads at your convenience. Make it a priority.

Build a relationship with potential and existing customers

As we have noted earlier, the business relationship typically starts when someone calls you or fills out a request or order form on your website. Before it gets to that, the prospective customer will have felt that your business has something to offer them.

It essential that your business should fully comprehend your existing and potential customers, including their needs and changing behaviors. For instance, show your customers and prospects how your products or services can improve their lives. Do not make it so much about your offering, but more about what the customer and prospects need and how you can fulfill that need.

An example of establishing a solid baseline with your prospects is through a well-designed FAQ page if you are using a website. Ensure that all common questions are answered and featured prominently on the page. More importantly, whenever the opportunity arises, ask the prospects what they exactly need or how they want to be assisted. In this way, you will be able to engage the prospects and customers and ultimately ask for that sale.

Offer the lead the most avenues that they can use to contact your business

By now you know that the primary aim of lead generation is to get as many responses from your marketing efforts. This is achieved by offering your prospect the ability to reach or contact your organization in a manner they prefer. Therefore, you should make it a priority that your prospects can reach you through all possible means whether online or offline. Of course, this should be determined by the type of business you are doing.

You should not try to funnel all your customers and prospects to one portal simply because that is what your marketing team wants. Giving your prospects response options will increase your conversion rate. Sometimes, the prospect might be a person who prefers an immediate response, so they just dial your toll-free line. Other prospects might lack internet connectivity or a computer nearby, so they just send a letter.

All in all, the more opportunities you give the prospects to communicate with your organization, the more they will be likely to do so. Also, remember that quickly responding to customer and prospect queries is a sure way of promoting your brand. It is not rare to hear people praising a company or praising their services and products due to how their queries were handled well.

Many businesses fail to get the most out of sales leads merely because they do not know how to manage the prospects and customers more effectively. Always ensure that you understand what your prospects need and their preferred modes of communication. Then design and build your response around their desires.

The ensure you always have a steady stream of sales leads coming into your business, you needs to have a great marketing strategy. Here at InnoVision we know how important your company means to you, and we want to help. Check out our services, and we’ll make the difference your company needs to get ahead of the curve.

Getting the Most Out of Sales Leads 2Jeff Irvine
Founder – InnoVision


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