3 Examples of Phenomenal Brand Videos That Communicate Their Company’s Mission

Video advertising is one of the most important forms of marketing for any type of business. In comparison to other forms of static advertisement such as billboards or photos, videos have the ability to catch and hold a viewer’s attention for a longer period of time. 

Each second that an advertisement is watched, the greater chances that a customer will be found. However, simply making a brand video isn’t enough to generate leads. Companies must make sure the video is an accurate representation of the service or product provided. Here are three phenomenal brand videos that emphasize a company’s purpose.


Can’t see the video? Watch it here: YouTube | Nestle India

Nestle is a Fortune 500 company and makes billions of dollars per year. The marketing experts at Nestle still see value in creating video ads that help to capture their purpose as a company. In this video, Nestle is advertising beyond simply providing quality and tasty food products. 

They are also trying to make an emotional connection. This video expresses to viewers what the goals of Nestle are without coming out and stating them explicitly. This more subtle approach will captivate readers more than an informative ad. This means more potential customers in the future.


Can’t see the video? Watch it here: YouTube | GoPro

GoPro has mastered brand videos in a way that no other company has achieved. GoPro simply takes customer footage produced with their products and creates a montage video. These videos are often of extreme sports or other outdoor activities that GoPro wants to associate with. 

This formula of taking consumer-made videos and using it as advertising has earned GoPro a Gold Star in the world of video branding. These videos are entertaining and clearly display the purpose of the company: to provide users with an action camera that can capture amazing videos.


Can’t see the video? Watch it here: YouTube | Xyngular

The Xyngular branding team successfully portrayed the purpose of their company through the video. Viewers would have a good understanding of the services provided by this company after watching the video. All of this was accomplished without listing products or services. Video branding, when used properly, should organically communicate to the viewers the meaning of a company, service, or product.

Video branding is creative and dynamic. Companies shouldn’t think like traditional forms of advertising when making a brand video. Instead, a video should be able to express the purpose of a brand without explicitly stating. These three videos are great examples of how video branding can communicate purpose.

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Jeff Irvine
Founder – InnoVision

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