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How Do I Target Qualified Leads on Social Media?


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Don't just through money at it. Use your marketing budget wisely to target the right audience and drive as many qualified leads as possible.

Entrepreneurs and small business leaders can benefit from learning more about targeting qualified leads on social media. In terms of generating leads, the big four to consider are Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. Each of these social platforms has their own strengths and weaknesses, but each can be leveraged quite effectively for generating leads and sales. The marketing strategies chosen for each platform is usually the main factor determining how successful lead generation will be.

Targeting Leads on Social Media

The first step towards targeting qualified leads on social media is being to identify or profile the type of customers ideal for your business. Focus on promoting content that is relevant and tailored for each social media platform. Social media should be treated as a higher priority than the company website. Posts on social media should be treated as a virtual retail space for prospective shoppers.

Lean towards aggregating content for viewers, rather than limiting yourself with self-promotion. Social media analytics for each marketing campaign should be monitored and tracked on a routine basis. You can leverage gated content, or lead magnets, as a means of collecting information from prospective leads. Crafting content focused on your age audiences problems allows you to qualify leads potentially interested in your offerings.


With over 1 billion users active daily, this is one of the leading social media platforms to focus on for generating qualified leads. Experts say, “68 percent of US adults use Facebook, compared to just 28 percent for Instagram, which is the second most used social network by adults in the US.” This platform is mostly pay-to-play, but there are strategies for generating leads at no-cost.

Many companies generate leads by joining a wide variety of niche Facebook groups that may be related to their business. The objective is to build your profile by adding valuable content and direct messaging users who may be in need of your services. Running and promoting joint webinars with prospective leads is another grassroots strategy many rely on. Promoting contests with offers relevant to the business is another effective way to qualify leads. For more information on the recent changes to Facebook targeted ads, check out our other articles.


Twitter has more than 250 million monthly active users, and over 75 percent of the accounts are based outside of the US. Over 65 percent of the users here have used the platform to discover small or medium-sized businesses. Nearly 70 percent of the users have already bought something from a company they found on Twitter. Almost a third of the online users between age 18 and 20 use this platform on a regular basis.

Twitter Lead Generation Cards can be used as an effective way to generate new social media leads. If used correctly, these cards can be used to generate over a thousand leads in a week. Tracking your brand mentions and using the platform to host an AMA and other events can also be useful for identifying more qualified leads. You can also adjust your ad targeting options, create ads and set bids to gauge your target audience.


There are currently more than 500 million active monthly users on Instagram. Nearly 60 percent of these users visit every day and over a third visit several items a day. Approximately 55 percent of all online users between age 18 and 29 are on Instagram. Due to some of the limitations here, many people start with using the bio link to send viewers to the desired landing page.

Instagram stories can also be an effective way to interact with your target audience, promote offerings and send leads to landing pages. Collaborating with other Instagram influences is a quick way to increase your following and find new leads who share your interest. Engaging with commenters can also be an easy way to find qualified leads already interested in your business.


There are nearly 200 million users here, making it the sixth most popular platform. Focus on interacting with users and being more personable and more transparent. This is the place for sharing links and time-sensitive offer tailored or the 25 and under crowd.

Right now, these are the leading social media platforms for the foreseeable future. How successful your lead generation campaigns are is primarily dictated by how well the strategies fit with the factors that differentiate one platform from another.

How Do I Target Qualified Leads on Social Media? 1Jeff Irvine
Founder – InnoVision

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