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Are You Using Dynamic Number Insertion Call Tracking? If Not, Why Not?


Are You TrackingYour Marketing As Best
You Can?

Using Dynamic Number Insertion is the one way you can truly see how effective all of your marketing is. Do you know how effective your agency is?

First, Let’s Start With What Dynamic Number Insertion Call Tracking?

Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) is advanced call tracking technology. Previously call tracking was designated to stand alone numbers, similar to how the Yellow Pages provided different call tracking numbers for their online directory, different books and websites. DNI is the process of displaying call tracking numbers to your website visitors so you can track the source of each inbound phone call. When a visitor lands on your website, DNI technology displays a unique phone number for each visitor. Each DNI account uses a block of phone numbers dedicated to you, reason being is if two people visit to your website at the same time, they will be displayed two different phone numbers. You need enough numbers to cover every visitor that visits your website.  This allows you to track the source of every lead from places such as Google Organic, Google Paid, Bing Organic, Yahoo Organic, Bing Paid, Facebook, Yelp, Yellow Pages, Vitals, Heatlhgrades, Twitter, Instagram, Yellowpages.com as an example.

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Why You Should Use Dynamic Number Insertion Call Tracking.

The simple answer is why not? DNI call tracking allows you to easily see where your leads are being generated and how to best spend your marketing budget. In today’s world of online marketing, there are a number of outlets you’re using to spread your message. For most local businesses, those include SEO, SEM, Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook & other social media advertising, Yelp Ads just to name a few.

DNI technology can show you where your leads are being generated allowing you to re-allocate your budget based on your strongest lead source.

Here’s a great example of how to capitalize on DNI Call Tracking:

Our customer was spending a considerable amount of money each month on Google Ads, Bing Ads & Facebook Ads. Through DNI analysis we found that Google performed better during the week while Facebook Performed best on the weekends and Bing brought very little value for the spend. This insight into their lead generation allowed our team to refocus the advertising campaigns. We shifted the Google Ads campaign to run heavier in the first part of the week to increase our impression share while pushing our Facebook budget towards the end of week and weekend while removing our Bing Ads campaign so we could reallocate this budget to Facebook.

This simple analysis of Advertising Data and Call Tracking allowed us to maximize the marketing budget.

If you’re spending money on digital advertising, you should be using DNI Call Tracking. No matter what your monthly marketing budget is, call tracking should be part of any advertising campaign. Don’t just through money in the wind. The best results come from those that know how to use the data and optimize a campaign.

Is Dynamic Number Insertion Call Tracking Affordable?

Yes, very much so today. There are numerous companies providing call tracking today. With the advances in technology and software development, it has become very affordable for any business. On average you can expect to pay between $50 – $300 per month on call tracking software. This simple varies based on the amount of traffic you currently receive.

You can’t view this as an optional line item. You will see a return on your investment into call tracking within the first month and your advertising will get better each and every month if monitored correctly and campaigns are adjusted.

If you have more questions about DNI Call Tracking or if you would like an analysis of your advertising and call tracking software, contact one of our locations to help. InnoVision is located in Sacramento, CA & Petaluma, CA.

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