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What Does Your Brand Say About You?


What Does Your Brand
Say About You?

Do Customers Get It?

Your message is everything, if your're off your brand message your brand suffers. Take these steps to ensure you're sending the right message.

What Impression Are You Making?

Building your brand online doesn’t have to be complicated.


As they say, first impression is everything. Nothing is more true when it comes to your brand. Online it’s even harder to come back from a bad first impression which is why you should spend your time elevating your brand and message. Your brand is your reputation. You need to build it and protect it.


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-Jeff Bezos

Nothing could be further from the truth in his statement. Effective branding improves recognition, builds trust, financial value, loyalty and new customers.

When we’re talking about branding, we’re talking about setting a solid foundation that you can build from. Whether you’re just starting to brand yourself, re-branding or currently have a brand, these tips will help for the future. Remember to Start Small, Get Focused and Get Social…

Build your foundation. First thing we recommend addressing is your Name, Logo & Website. This will serve as a foundation to build everything from. Remember, you have only a few seconds to capture someones attention. If you’re Name & Logo aren’t strong, consumers will walk right by.

Tips for creating a good brand name & logo:

Simplicity – don’t over complicate it

Is it unique? – stand apart from competitors

Appealing – does graphics & fonts engage visitors?

Linguistics – check the definition in other languages


Next, have a solid website/webpage that you can direct people to, this gives you an opportunity tell your whole story. You can only get so much information out with a video, post, article, image, etc. By utilizing your website as the foundation, you can provide valuable information consumers are looking for.

Tips for creating a solid website:

Engaging – does your website attract consumers?

Messaging – do consumers understand what you do immediately?

Above The Fold – don’t bury important information below the fold

Quality Content – content helps sell your message, don’t skimp on it


This list could go on and on with such things as page speed, mobile, clients, reviews and a number of different items. The important thing to remember is to keep your website engaging, visually appealing and updated, your message is everything. Whether you’re a new or existing brand, whether you want to use Squarespace, Wix, WordPress, Shopify or a custom CMS, you can build a solid website or webpage to support your brand.

Once you’ve built your foundation, identify your message. Keep is concise and to the point. Many marketers refer to this as your “elevator pitch”. The meaning behind this is that if you’re in an elevator with someone, by the time they exit the elevator they should have a clear understanding of what you do. Keep your message to 20-30 seconds and you’ll be just fine. Networking is where your elevator pitch will help build your brand.

Start Spreading Your Message. Get Active & Get Social

The next step is branding you, your product or business. Get the word out there through content, get strategic and get started. Building your brand online doesn’t need to be complicated, know what you want to say and know where to say it. Each person has different comfort levels when it comes to branding, some choose to be out there spreading it through video’s, others choose written content and images. It’s important to find your comfort level, understand how to use different websites and social networks and how to best use your content.

Tips for putting content online:

Get A Plan – understand where you can put content and how to use the platform

Get Social – start with the top social sites, find niche sites, forums, blogs & more

Switch It Up – create articles, stories, infographics, whitepapers, press releases

Build Review – positive reviews build trust, engage with those happy customers


Consistency is key to engaging with consumers, it you’re going to start branding yourself, don’t stop. Nothing worse that building a brand only to see it fall apart because you gave up on it. Keep your message simple and easy to understand. By keeping your message simple and having a plan in place, you’ll build a strong brand that will continue to provide value to consumers.


-Warren Buffett

If you want more information about building & protecting your brand, contact one of our two locations in Sacramento, CA & Petaluma, CA..

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