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SEO Factors in 2019, What To Pay Attention To For Your SEO Campaigns


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SEO ranking factors continue to evolve year to year, some are more important that others. Here some SEO factors you should pay attention to in 2019.

SEO In 2019 Will Be More Important Than Ever, The Game Is Changing

As each year passes, Google continues to grow and dominate the search space. 2019 is no different, here’s a list what you need to know about your SEO campaigns in 2019. Consumers become more reliant on search results when looking for services, products, information or local businesses. Understanding this is why Google constantly updates and modifies their algorithm and use of AI to provide the best possible search results for a given search query. One thing I can assure you of it, SEO is not dead. It’s more important than ever. Good SEO companies will continue to bring value to businesses.

A lot has change in recent years and 2019 is no exception. Here are things to pay attention to for your SEO in 2019.

seo factors in 2019


You continue to hear the term “Content Is King”, it’s not only about quantity but quality of content. Quality is the new word when it comes to content. Many SEO experts are speculating that the broad update by Google on August 1, 2018 has to do with more advanced ability to evaluate how much websites are meeting the company’s E-A-T standards. These acronym stands for Expertise- Authoritativeness- Trustworthiness and should not be confused with culinary expectations. After this update, Twitter was flooded with proud web owners wondering on the best approach to impact their SEO. Moreover, the best answer to this is to have a great content, so companies should use quality content to improve their SEO ranking in 2019.

Keep in mind, quality content isn’t one paragraph about a product, topic or service. The content needs to be engaging for a visitor.


With the popularity of voice search, we find consumers are asking more questions using longer tailed keyword strings. To maximize presence and search results, by getting your website content listed in the featured snippet. Optimizing for keyword string questions is the best approach, you’ll find featured snippets will produce better click through rates than traditional organic search results. An added by product of this is if you’re not listed as the featured snippet, you have an opportunity to be listed in the additional questions of “People also ask” section on a Google search result.


One of the trends which you need to pay attention to is your website security. Nowadays, Google Chrome users have observed a little message which pop up in the left-hand corner of the URL bar. This provides a warning if it feels the site is not secure. These messages are as a result of 2018 Google security update whole implementation means non-HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) sites now load with that warning, these are seen less favourably in Google’s ranking preferences. Overall, this is a great news and a fantastic trend to look up to.


In Q3 of 2018 in the United States, 56% of all organic search engine visits were completed using a mobile device, that’s compared to 27% just 5 years ago. I predict that by the end of 2019, that number will rise to 60%. With the rise of mobile devices, web pages need to load much quicker than ever before as to not cause consumer frustration. Two resources we use to test mobile speed and correct issues are Google Page Speed Insights & GTMetrix. These resources will outline what’s causing slow speeds and load times.

Additionally, look to using AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). These pages are essentially stripped down html pages that allow them to load extremely fast on mobile devices. For more information go to https://www.ampproject.org/


This might sound like a character straight out of an early video game and in some ways, that guess is right. RankBrain which is a machine-learning AI (artificial intelligence) technology which Google deployed to process and also organize its multitudes of search results. This system was launched in 2015 and continues to evolve. As long as RankBrain plays a crucial role in Google’s algorithm, then paying close attention to these factors would ensure your website is always trending. Learn more about RankBrain here.


For instance, when discussing about a particular topic with a friend, although you may have a broad topic but during the conversation you might as well mention other ones which are essential. Thus, these keywords should be sprinkled into your content so that readers would come across them and also enhance the ranking of your page.

LSI (latent semantic indexing) keywords operate with a very similar logic in mind. Google prioritize keywords and this is why most people pack their pages with whatever keyword they are hoping to compete for. This can result into some content which are not so great and this would prevent the page from meeting the intent of searchers. For instance, if someone is searching for mouse, there are some many possibilities that they would be referring to a computer accessory, a pet or rodent and this can be confusing.

LSI keywords are used because they are not to be mistaken with synonyms thereby preventing you from thinking they are related with other related words. Together with your main keywords, they form nice little word families which gives Google essential context for assessing and organizing your page within its SERPs. As the search engine have a good understanding of what you have to say, they would match the search query effectively thereby improving your page ranking.


With about 30% of web browsing expected to go screenless by 2020, this is a major and growing trend which you need to optimize for. Even though this capability has been making the SEO trends lists for some time now, it’s still as relevant as ever. That’s because with this recent technology, each year brings new developments and more data can be used to understand the exact ways listing are being categorized.

Just like the previous year when a survey from 10,000 Google home results reported that system seems to talk about suggestions which are already ranking high on the SERPs. We likewise learned that finding a way to literally write out a question in your content before moving on to the answer seems to perform very well on these voice search systems.


More than 80% of customers check reviews before deciding to contact a business, this is why reviews are essential. It is essential for you to get positive reviews so you’re able to present a great first impression, build trust and generate new leads. However, if you have any negative reviews, ensure you contact the customer so as to dialogue with them and enhance their experience. Google factors your business reputation into your search results. Engaging with reviewers as well as the number of positive reviews can positively affect your presence.


Consider going beyond google, use sites such as YouTube (owned by Google), Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Yelp, Reddit, Forms and blogs. Having a presence and engaging with consumers on other popular outlets will help drive more relevance to Google for the search terms you’re looking to rank for.

For the best results for SEO in 2019, keep it simple. Devise a well rounded marketing plan that doesn’t solely rely on SEO and you’ll see positive results. Remember, what’s most important to Google is relevance. They want to ensure the best search results possible for every search query. In doing so, you’re website and web pages need to be optimized not only for Google but more importantly the user that visits. Visitors need to be engaged and interested in what you’re providing, otherwise Google will find someone more relevant to replace your website.

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