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Fake Reviews On Google Are Becoming A Problem, How To Remove Fake Reviews From Google.

We all understand the importance of reviews for business. There's no better way to sell your brand than have someone else do it for you, but this can become a challenge when you start receiving fake reviews from people trying to damage your reputation by giving you a negative review.

Don’t Let Fake Reviews On Google Ruin Your Reputation, Take Action

Take action and manage your brand so your reputation is the best it can be.

Time and time again we’ve all experienced a fake review about our business. While this can harm our reputation, too many negative reviews can also harm your /seo-company/. In December of 2018, Google revealed that over three million fake reviews were posted by at least 37 fake profiles. Google took steps to identify and remove as many fake reviews as possible that couldn’t be confirmed as real.

Here are some tips to remove your fake reviews from your Google My Business Listing.

1. When you notice a fake Google review, go to

Sign into your Google My Business listing with the email you use to manage the listing. Once you are signed in, you’ll be brought to the dashboard. Look for Reviews in the left navigation and click to go into your reviews.

2. Look For The Fake Review On Google

Look for the fake review that is showing up on Google. If you have a lot of reviews, click the three bars inside the bar that reads “All, Replied & Haven’t Replied”. This is a shortcut option to Sort By Dates, Sort By Highest Rating & Sort By Lowest Rating. Click either Sort By Date or Sort By Lowest Rating, this will make searching much easier.


3. Contest The Fake Review With Google

Once you’ve found the fake Google review, look for 3 dots next to the review. Once clicked, you’ll have an option to flag as inappropriate.


4. Choose The Violation Type

After clicking “Flag As Inappropriate”, Google will prompt you to Report A Policy Violation, enter your email address and choose your violation type. You have four options to choose from under Violation Type. Choose your option and click submit.

Keep in mind there are a number of these requests each day, There may be a delay in getting a response back from Google on this request. The will send you an email response once they have reviewed your request.


Your Fake Review Wasn’t Removed

Many times Google will not remove a review, in this case you have one option left. Call the Google My Business team directly and ask them to review the fake review based on why this review is a fake review. You can call Google My Business directly at 1-844-491-9665.

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