Facebook ads are more popular now than every before

Is Facebook Advertising Right
For Your Business?


When it comes to Facebook
advertising, is it worth

your time?

Facebook Ads aren't for everyone, based on your industry, goals and campaign you'll know if Facebook Ads are right for you.

With All The Excitement, Is Facebook Advertising Right For Your Business?

Facebook is Social Media and Social Media is Facebook. Any new social media website strives for the engagement that users have with Facebook. Facebook.com is the third most visited website in the world behind Google & YouTube,  68% of Americans use Facebook. To put this into perspective, Instagram captures 35% of American users. 

This begs the question, would Facebook ads bring any value to your business? Every marketer & agency will say you need to be involve with Facebook Ads. 

Here’s what you need to know to determine if Facebook Advertising is for you.


First you need to identify your goals. While Facebook is a valuable tool to target groups of people that are more likely to do business with you; you have to remember that at the core, this is an online display advertising campaign which puts it at the top of your marketing funnel where you’re building awareness. The sales process takes much longer with display campaigns simply because  you’re trying to capture someones attention that isn’t on Facebook looking to for your business.

If your goal is to drive quicker sales, you should be looking at Search Ads. Users that visit your website from a search ad are more likely to do business with you quicker because they are essentially raising their hand by searching for your keywords which puts them at the bottom of your marketing funnel where they have intent to buy, evaluating the purchase or ready to buy.


Understanding your audience is the everything when it comes to marketing. You need to understand who you’re talking to before you identify your brand message. The first part is easy, are you B2C, B2B or both? On a platform such as Facebook, B2C advertising is much easier than B2B. You also have a larger consumer audience on Facebook that you do business owners. 

Next, what are your demographics? Age, Gender, Income, etc. The reason this is important is because 83% of users are under the age of 45. With declining usage of users under the age of 18 and while users 65+ has doubled since 2012, the percentage of users in this age group are very small. This will tell you if Facebook is a viable platform to reach your audience.


Remember that not all industries are created equal on Facebook but with that said, every industry can be effective based on the goals you put forth. When it comes to branding your company, any industry can have an effective campaign. If you’re looking for engagement such as Likes, Comments & Shares the, Travel, Fashion, Auto & E-Commerce industries statistically have the advantage. 

For Lead Generation, you can be effective but remember; Social Media is a place people come to be entertained. If you craft the right message, you’ll be able to engage an audience but you will also need to have a compelling offer. If you can’t provide an offer or promotion, you will struggle with Lead Generation. The best campaigns are when someone is giving something away or offering a deep discount (I’m not talking about 25% off; 50% or more off will get someones attention). 

If you’re in the medical industry, Facebook absolutely should be part of your marketing campaign. Years ago, Google stopped  advertisers in the medical industry from remarketing back to their potential patients. This includes remarketing through a cookie or RLSA (remareketing lists for search ads). The way around this is to utilize the Facebook advertising platform. Facebook still allows for remarketing to the medical industry through such ways as customer lists, Instagram or Facebook page engagement, and website visitors, which is a great way to use Search Engine Marketing & Facebook together for marketing.

Just as with any advertising campaign, understanding your platform, audience and message is the key to success. It’s important to gauge that success based on the goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the campaign. Remember to monitor and adjust the campaign based the data you decipher. 

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