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Were you removed from google recently?


Did Your Website Disappear From Google's Index? Here's How You Fix It. 

On Thursday April 4th, SEO's, Marketers & website owners noticed that their websites had been removed from Google. In some cased the entire website was removed in most cases like what we experienced with our customers was the homepage was removed from Google's Index.

Did Your Website Disappear From Google’s Index? Here’s How You Fix It. 

On April 4th, 2019, we noticed that some of our clients placement disappeared from the top of Google. As we looked down the SERP on Google, I noticed that the internal pages were ranking but the homepage was not listed. As you can imagine, this had not only us but all webmasters up in arms about why they are not listed on Google, especially those that rely on organic traffic daily for their business.

Per John Mueller at Google, this was a result of a technical issue at Google. You can read more here

Why this is important to know about de-indexing of your website. This shows us that anyone providing SEO, needs to understand and more importantly convey this to their customers that we are at the mercy of Google and even they can be the cause of the issue.

When it was fixed. According to Google, this was resolved over the weekend. While the technical issue may have been fixed on Googles end, as of today there were still some issues with websites and homepages not being in Google’s Index.

The steps you need to take to get your website re-indexed with Google:


1. Login to Search Console


2. Enter your URL into the URL Inspection Field.


3. Click Request Indexing so Google will crawl your webpage again. (even if it says it’s listed)


4. If you have more than one page de-indexed, you may need to repeat for other pages.


Keep in mind that Google will have glitches from time to time. If you have a customer or webmaster that is upset with this, communication is the key to coming out ahead once the issue is resolved. In this case, just because the technical issue was resolved, you still need to take the next step so Google will index the website or page again.



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