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5 marketing strategies & how to effectively use them




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5 Marketing Strategies & How To Use Them 1




Content Marketing is one of the most effective ways for long term brand awareness. Content is much more that words on a page, its graphics, infographics, images & video. When you create quality content, your readers will share your message for you. Don’t forget to share your content.

Tips for Creating Great Content:

Make it compelling

Make it useful

Answer questions, problems or issues. Provide the entire answer

Become a resource of information






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Social Media allows you to have a voice in a space where your customers hang out. Whether you choose to post organically, sponsor/ boost your post or run traditional ads, it’s a very effective way to spread your message, build brand awareness and generate leads. 

Tips for Social Media Marketing

Be consistent with your brand message

80/20 rule; 80% information and value, 20% promotion & sales

Use all the tools available

Use organic posts and promotional ads with specific targeting

Each platform is unique, understand how to use them






5 Marketing Strategies & How To Use Them 2




Google My Business is your map listing on Google. If you serve the local market in and around your location, this is a very valuable tool to build awareness for your business. This listing shows your location or service area, category of business, business contact information and reviews. 

Tips for Google My Business:

Claim or create your profile

Completely fill out your business information

Add photos & videos

Post articles






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Billions of searches are completed every day, thousands in your local market. SEO allows you to position your brand in front of potential customers or patients with your Google My Business listing and website. When someone searches for something relevant to your business, SEO give yourself the opportunity to be found on Google, Yahoo & Bing.

Top Tips For Getting Found:

Use keywords in your title tag about your page

Use keywords in the section headings

Use keywords in your content

Use the Alt Tag attribute of your images

Link keywords in your content to priority pages





5 Marketing Strategies & How To Use Them 3




Often overlooked because of cost and low conversion rate, direct mail can and still is very effective. Whether you have a physical location or service area, you can strategically use direct mail to build brand awareness or create a call to action. Double up on your return by using social media ads and display ads in conjunction with direct mail to reach people by mail and online.

Tips with Direct Mail:

Use over-sized mailers to get attention

Have a compelling offer if you want a call to action

Use mailer companies such as ValPak (or similar) to lower cost

Be consistent, minimum three months at a time


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