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Local Marketing Tips to Help Get Your Business Seen


Local Marketing Tips
to Help Get Your
Business Seen

The local coffee shop. The five and dime. The neighborhood hardware store. These types of shops count as just some of the businesses you’re likely to see in your local community. They form the lifeblood of the community, becoming staple destinations for the city’s inhabitants. If you own such an establishment, you can give your business a leg up over similar businesses by taking advantage of a few key advertising tools. These tools when used correctly can be both inexpensive and yet powerful at the same time.

Utilize Local SEO

Getting your website noticed by your local customers depends on using the right localized word combinations. However, nowadays, the success of your website’s local SEO also depends on factors, like online reviews of your business, local content, the placement of maps and addresses on your site, and other factors. It’s worth the effort. A full 78 percent of local mobile searches and 61 percent of searches done on computers result in sales, often on the same day that the search was conducted.

Use Smarter Ad Placement

If people don’t see your ad, then they don’t learn about your products or services. Whether people see your ad depends on where you put it, regardless of whether you buy space in a local business magazine or on Facebook or Google. Generally speaking, when it comes to placing ads in traditional media formats, like local newspapers or magazines, it’s best to buy space in the front of the book in the upper corners of the pages. Online ads that appear at the top of a local Google search do best. Naturally, these placements tend to cost more, but they are worth the investment because their ROI is better.

Optimize Your Storefront

Businesses like restaurants and coffee shops as well as boutique shops tend to settle on streets where there is a lot of foot traffic. This is a free stream of traffic that a business owner can use to his/ her advantage. If you’re located on a heavily trafficked street, catch the eye of passers-by with an awning that advertises your business’ presence. The people who walk in front of your shop would be there anyway. You might as well invite them to get to know your business in the process. A well-designed display is one of the simplest ways to do that.

Local businesses form the heart of the communities in which they reside. They provide jobs for residents as well as vital goods and services. Getting your local business noticed usually rests on three factors: a good local SEO campaign, good ad placement and optimizing your space for foot traffic. Each of these marketing methods works well on its own. However, in combination, they’re hard to beat and employing them in combination will allow you to attract new customers for years to come.

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