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How Can I Use Direct Mail Marketing to Build My Brand?


Using Direct Mail Is
Still Effective Marketing

Is direct mail marketing really a thing of the past? Data and plenty of successful campaigns seem to indicate that it is not. Unlike its online alternative over email, direct mail marketing is the act of providing physical advertising to potential customers via their daily post. Many businesses—both small and large—understand the effectiveness of these marketing strategies. Many hours of hard work go into crafting the perfect campaign. Here are a few ways that you can build your company’s brand using direct mail marketing.

Consistency Is Key

A direct mail marketing campaign is just that: a campaign. This means that you will most likely have to continue to send your advertising to the same homes multiple times within a month or two. Consistency is key in obtaining a household’s business and familiarizing potential customers with your brand. The reality is that consumers may or may not glance at your advertisement when they receive it. Being consistent with your layout, color scheme, and logo allows them to remember your business and what you have to offer.

Improving Brand Exposure

One of the best ways to build brand exposure is to provide potential customers with value. Providing value such as a free e-book or free consultation allows a variety of readers to take action. When you provide potential customers with unique information or value, they may be more interested in everything you have to offer. Of course, the key to getting people to see your mail is for them to receive it—about 5 percent of mail delivered via USPS ends up being undeliverable. There are plenty of tools online and within your local post office that allow you to know which addresses contain active residents and which do not.

Stand Out

Even the best digital marketing campaigns can often look the same. Direct mail marketing provides business owners with the opportunity to truly stand out above the competition. Adding a cool and unique design to your mailer allows your brand to grow as customers will easily recall seeing it. Crafting a unique message along with a killer design can no doubt help you see positive results.  Direct mail marketing can be a great opportunity for a business to reach their preferred audience and grow their brand at the same time. It can work especially well when paired with an online advertising campaign. If planned accordingly and executed effectively, direct mail marketing can really help grow a business. Do you have questions about marketing your business? InnoVision is a full service digital marketing agency with locations in Sacramento and PetalumaContact us today to see how we can help.

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