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3 Tips to Attract More Customers to Your Retail Business


3 Tips to Attract More Customers to Your Retail Business

Here are our top three tips to attract more customers into your brick and mortar retail store.

Use Social Media

Just because the expansion of online shopping has diminished the number of people going into physical stores does not mean you can’t utilize that exact tool for profit. One of the best ways to do this is to have a social media presence. Although you may not offer your products over the internet, it is still a great tool to attract attention and at almost no cost to your business. Things like sales, events and much more can be easily spread across your consumer base through social media rather than just billboards or store signs. In addition, a responsive, friendly social media presence can attract even more customers to your store.

Provide Easy Payments

One of the features that attract people to online shopping is that they don’t have to struggle with payment. They can easily insert their credit card information and the transaction is done. Technology has allowed this very perk to be available to retail owners. Always make sure to let customers know that you offer various forms of payment such as Apple Pay, PayPal, credit card and traditional paper money. A POS system has the largest number of capabilities of any payment system. This is an excellent way to attract customers who want to take advantage of their favorite online payment apps while still enjoying the in-person retail experience.

Host In-Store Events

If there is one thing that retail stores have a leg up on online businesses, it is the ability to throw in-store events and parties. This is especially important for new companies seeking to gain the respect and loyalty of their communities. Through in-store events, you can offer people the ability to demo your products and get to know how you do business. You can host tastings, book readings, guest makeup artists, celebrity events and much more, depending on your niche.

Though the internet has created additional challenges when it comes to attracting people into brick and mortar stores, there are many reasons why some prefer an in-person touch. Simply adhere to the tips listed above, research your particular market and you’ll no doubt begin to see results.


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