Time To Use Facebook Effectively for your business

Advertising on Facebook: An Effective Way to Sell Your Services or Products


Learn the basics of Facebook Advertising

Imagine a medium that allows your business to reach not only your specific audience
but those are most likely to interact and purchase from your company

Fortunately for us, that platform does actually exist. Facebook advertising has quickly become the go-to for marketing campaigns. Not only does it offer a more direct approach to selling, but it comes at an astonishing lower cost than traditional television or radio ads. However, like any advertising platform, there are a few things to keep in mind. Therefore, we’ve compiled some of the most effective ways to sell your product using Facebook advertising.


If you are still on the fence about pouring in time and money into Facebook ads then get this, 40% of digital consumers use social media to research companies and buy products. Gone are the days of calling a business and asking them about product, service, etc. Today, consumers want to know exactly who they are dealing with, and they don’t want to have to go through the trouble of expensive research. Advertising on Facebook is also a very effective strategy when it comes to ROI or return on investment. Many more established business owners tend to shun away from anything that cannot be proven to have an ROI. However, Facebook provides some of the best data out there. It allows you to see who exactly is interacting with your business, their location, time zone, occupancy and much more. Overtime Facebook advertising becomes more and more valuable.


Often times, a company goes through the daily marketing meetings do not produce lots of concepts but never really stop to really analyze what they are presenting to the public. One of the most important things to keep in mind when advertising on Facebook is how familiar your customers become with your brand. If they don’t even have to research your company every time that you pop up, then you are no doubt making some traction. However, having customers second-guess your brand because you keep posting random ads that don’t coincide with your overall message can be detrimental to even the best marketing strategies.


To understand organic advertising, we must first define the paid version of it. Essentially paid advertising is when you pay for a certain amount of advertising, it is through billboards, newspapers and yes even on Facebook. However, one of the most effective of these two types of advertising is the organic version. I’m not talking about Search Engine Optimization, but rather thinks you can do yourself. Not only is it free, but it provides much more credibility to your company as a person is recommending you and not yourself to others. In addition, potential consumers will not feel the pressure of being sold to when they experience an ad on their timeline.


As stated above, a paid advertisement is one that you invest money into. Much of the ads you see on Facebook are, in fact, paid Facebook ads. Though organic advertising is often the preferred route, it is often impossible to begin a word of mouth ad without knowing who your audience is. Therefore, many new businesses will gravitate first towards paid advertising in order to establish their core base and get their message out there as quickly as possible. In addition, paid advertising, unlike organic, can be crafted in whichever way you want. This means you are able to craft a certain image of yourself with the information you want to be spread rather than leaving it up to chance. See if Facebook ads are right for your business.


One of the most common mistakes seen by companies hoping to get into Facebook advertising is that they will sell how they sell in person. Recall that people are not on social media to be sold something; they are there to interact with friends, family and find value. One of the most effective ways to sell your product on Facebook is to simply avoid selling it. This might seem counterproductive but hear us out. Telling a story and providing value allows your base to become interested in your company. Over time they become passersby to people who interact with your account and finally your customer. This may be a little challenging to those used to constantly selling, but there is no doubt that this method works.

Although advertising on Facebook is a relatively easy medium to get into, there is so much more to understand about it. Simply adhere to the items listed above, research, craft a marketing strategy and execute as best as possible for optimal results.

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