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Voice Search Is Here To Stay

Voice Search is a reality, it’s not going anywhere and all signs point to a new way of searching for products, services and local businesses. In it’s infancy right now, it will soon consume all aspects of your life. From your home, car, phone, accessories, etc. All will be integrated with voice search. Accepting the reality and identifying how to use this to your advantage in your business will be key. It’s important to remember, how your SEO performs will have a direct impact on your Voice Search results. For those that say SEO is dead, it’s only evolving into Voice Search. 

Who Are The Players?

  • Apple: “Hey Siri”
  • Google: “Ok Google”
  • Amazon: “Hey Alexa”
  • Cortana: Hey Cortana”


As you can see, the top tech companies have heavily invested into voice search capabilities telling you this is the way of the future. Voice Search is quickly becoming the preferred method of searching, by 2020 50% of all searches will be voice searches according to a study conducted by comScore. Gartner recently concluded that 30% of all searches in 2020 will be done without a screen. 

Who’s Using Voice Search

Voice Search is being used by all generations, Millennials of course are the fastest to adapt and have seen a 40% increase is usage over the past 4 years followed by steady increases from Gen Xers and Baby Boomers. 


Between Google, Apple, Amazon & Microsoft two own the vast majority of the market share. Amazon & Google own 94% of the smart speakers in use with Apple and Microsoft combined own 6%. Amazon & Google do offer more affordable devices for Voice Search and have developed national advertising campaigns pushing those devices. 

That being said, as accessibility to devices grows you’ll see a more even market share begin to develop.

One thing to point out is the approach these companies have taken to brand their Voice Search. Amazon, Apple and Microsoft have developed brand names for their voice assistant where as Google as chosen to stick with it’s own brand, Google. I’ll tell you why this is a genius move by Google. In doing so, every time you’re using a Google device, you’ll be repeating their name. It’s ingrained into your every day life and for future generations. As an example, our kids now know how to use Google Home Hub, they’re constantly talking to “Google”. As they grow into their teenage years, what brand do you think they’ll turn to? Google of course because for years they’ve relied on Google for answers to their voice searches. 


As mentioned above, SEO ranking plays a direct role with Voice Search results. The data is being pulled from either their own data such as Google & Bing or they are using authoritative sources such as Yelp. To start optimizing for Voice Search, optimize the following listings; Google My Business, Bing Places, Yelp, Apple Maps Connect. In addition, start building citations (local profiles, business profiles, social profiles, industry specific profiles) on high authoritative sites. 

follow this link resource for local citations that help with local seo and voice search. 

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