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Your website has become one of the essential factors of continuity of good business. Whether you’re a startup, local business or big brand, your website is your first impression to many. It’s paramount your first impression be positive and engaging to a visitor. By creating a remarkable website design and user experience, people will instantly grasp what you’re providing. The key to any website is an instant understanding of your product or service. Hesitation in this matter can be the difference between engagement and lost interest.

The question often poised is “how much should I invest into my website?”. While this answer may seem simple, there are a number of factors that play into your decision, such as;

How are you going to be marketing your website?

If you’re using SEO (search engine optimization) you’ll need to develop many quality pages. If you’re looking at paid or social advertising, you many only need a landing page or a few pages. Traditional media advertising such as Radio, Print or Television may entail developing a separate website specific to what you’re promoting. Content marketing will inevitably be multiple pages, landing page, micro sites or possibly setting up funnels.

What information do you need to include?

Think about your website as a storyboard, you want to provide enough information for perceived value but not overwhelming. Again, your website should engage and entice a visitor into taking an action to contact you.

Who is your audience, what is the objective?

Knowing your audience and objective with any website is key. You want to develop something that will be effective. This will allow you to design a flow that will take users to a desired goal.


When you’re developing your website, use common sense. Often times you’ll find creative agencies that will build outrageous features into the website that “looks cool” but provides absolutely no value.

Do you need to spend $50,000 when $20,000 will get the job done?

Will 10 pages suffice or do you need 50?

What features will enhance the user experience to meet your goals?


One of the top things related to your web page traffic is user engagement. User engagement is the measurement of customers’ satisfaction by seeing how long and how many actions (clicking, browsing, etc.) they do when they navigate your website. Of course, a good webpage will obtain a high user engagement rate, which means that many people re-visited your page again and again. It’s important to understand the user experience. Tracking this experience will all us to see what “virtual walls” a user is running into and how we can improve their experience on your website.

Then, how can we obtain their loyalty? By keeping your page simple, clear, and informative, you will receive more loyal customers as they found that your site is engaging enough for them to visit. Instead of having many lengthy pages, you can keep it minimalist yet concise, creative, and appealing. With such a high rate of engagement, you will obtain better website conversion rates.

Quick Tip: Look to use more statements, bullets and video. Think of how consumers utilize social media, less is more. Attention spans are short, develop pages and content that a user can interact with quickly and effortless.

Your website freshness matters

An outdated website won’t draw the attention of people anymore. If your website is stale, people will not come back. People tend to look for the latest trends, and every exceptional webpage should follow the demand, right? By updating your website with the newest content and (perhaps) change the website design, adding new features, it will obtain more public attention. Hence, it will alleviate your visitor’s user experience.

Quality content is important

Although there are various methods in enhancing your website look and leads, quality content is a must. Your page will essentially be useless if you can’t develop great content. Great content is often difference between a user’s willingness to engage or leaving your website due to frustration.

Low user engagement leads to an unfavorable perception of your brand, lost opportunities and someone looking to a competitor.

High user engagement will build brand loyalty, trust, engagement, leads and your website will now become a resource.

The time you invest now, will deliver tomorrow.


The question isn’t if you should do it, the question is “how much revenue am I willing to lose?”. Taking the cheap route for the development of your website will inevitably result in lost leads resulting in lost revenue. Developing a strong foundation with your website will allow you to engage with your visitors and develop warm leads.

Make sure you’re making the best possible first impression, it is the face of your business.

The businesses today that are embrace the value of branding are the ones that will lead the way in the future.

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