Google & Yelp Update Review Process During COVID-19

They're Looking Out For Business Owners



Google & Yelp have announced additional steps during COVID-19 to protect businesses against negative reviews.

In an unprecedented time in our lives, Google & Yelp are taking unprecedented steps to help protect businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. While businesses close their doors or are operating on truncated schedules, Google wants to avoid consumers and competitors being opportunistic by posting negatively about a business during a time when business owners are already under quite a bit of stress.

When we tried responding to a review, we were met with this message in Google My Business.

Google Shuts Down Posting Reviews During COVID-19 1

You can read the change in guidelines to Google My Business beyond reviews here.

Additionally Yelp announced today they have implemented special guidelines to protect local businesses from reputational harm:

Google Shuts Down Posting Reviews During COVID-19 2

Yelp has also provided additional relief for businesses affected to COVID-19, you can read the entire press release from Jeremy Stoppelman, CEO of Yelp here.

With these new guidelines, you are able to still leave reviews for businesses. We’ve tested Google and noticed that no new reviews are being made public, with yelp you can still leave a review but these will be closely monitored per the new guidelines.

I applaud Google & Yelp for taking these steps.

In times of crisis we want to believe the good in people will shine through but we know all to well there are those that will take advantage of situations. These steps taken by these review giants are certainly going to help business owners by not adding to an already stressful situation.

As we find out more about changes in these guidelines we’ll be sure to update you.

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