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Tips On MARKETING auto repair DURING COVID-19



Like it or not, you’re an essential service but people are not on the road as often these days. It’s time to get creative and think outside the box. You can not go about business as normal during COVID-19, you can not go about marketing your auto repair business as normal. The last thing on people’s mind is wanting or needing to get their vehicle repaired.

Get Creative With Auto Repair Marketing During COVID-19

Here are some ways to attract customers that are still out there:

No touch services – let people know what you’re doing to keep your distance from them. Cleaning, sanitizing, payments over the phone, drop off services.

Concierge service – like it or not people don’t want to leave the house if they don’t have to. Offer to pick up their vehicle and drop it off. Explain & show them the extra steps you take to sanitize their vehicles.

Discounts to essential workers – these are your customers right now. They’re on the road still, they’re going to have issues. Offer them the convenience of concierge services and the discounts they can receive.



These are your current customers, let them know you’re open, what you’re doing and how you’re doing your part. Keep it short and simple but always link back to your website where you can explain in detail how you’re operating. Many may not know the additional measures you’re taking.


Use your email lists, make sure you’re staying in contact with them. This is a time you can get away with emailing more than once per month. Outreach right now is a distraction from the monotony of daily life. Use this as an opportunity to show them what you’re doing with your team, give them insight into the shop, the team and send them to your website.

Social Media

This is where you can lighten the mood, bring a smile to people’s face. Post often and about different topics. By all means, when you have a few vehicles in the shop, TAKE A PICTURE. Show people that you are operating, show them people are bringing vehicles to you and show them how you’re keeping them and your staff safe.

This is a good opportunity to create videos and new image content that will give insight into the shop and what you’re doing to pass the time during COVID-19. Remember, a lot has changed with the shop right now. Use different posts to tell people about the changes with your business but more importantly continue to brand yourself.

If you have the budget, boost ads or use traditional ads to reach more people.

The bottom line is every shop is hurting right now, try to look at this as an opportunity for growth coming out of this. The effort you put in today will pay off greatly in the months ahead.

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