COIVD-19 marketing tips you can implement now!

Marketing Tips you can do during COVID-19 by industry


Small Business Marketing Tips During COVID-19 By Industry

The choice for marketing your business isn’t optional under normal conditions, during COVID-19 we know marketing is more important than ever. The challenge is how do you maximize your exposure while decreasing costs across the board. The only question you should be asking about marketing is, can I do this myself or hire someone to do it for me? The one true thing right now during COVID-19 is that money is out there, the slice of pie is smaller but there’s still money to be made. It’s about how you are going to engage consumers, offer better content and stand apart from your competition. If you invest in your business now, consumers will flock to you once life is back to normal.


Throw out any notion of marketing your business the traditional way. No one wants a seasonal special, a monthly special or any message you’d traditionally use during this time of year. Consumers won’t look, won’t engage and you’ll turn consumers away from your brand. The majority of the nation is struggling, the majority of the nation is at home. Appeal to their situation, be genuine and offer useful content and information.

Marketing Tips For Your Business During COVID-19 By Industry 1SECOND, IDENTIFY YOUR AUDIENCE

I’m not talking about your typical target demographics. If you think about your audience as a triangle, what’s is the demographic of the top of the triangle. Your core audience. Those that are loyal to you by fault, the ones that sing your praises, understand pitfalls and stick through it with you. You want to target the people that will spend money with you now or be the first ones through the door when you reopen.


There is no doubt where your audience is going be; Social Media, Local News & Email. Television & streaming of course but during this time the cost of advertising on those medians may be cost prohibitive.

In my last article I talked about marketing your business during COVID-19 touching on where you can maximize exposure while limiting your expense.

Here we’re going to dive deeper into marketing your business during COVID-19 by industry. Each industry is different, get tips on what you can do to effectively market your business specific to your industry.

Most importantly, don’t push. Use this time to build your brand, become a resource and provide value through your content. If someone wants to purchase, they will. 


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