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Search Engine Optimization is among the most useful digital marketing avenues. The ability to position your company in front of people that are actively looking for a product, service or information you provide can be invaluable. Those that use search engines such as Google are raising a digital hand stating they are in need of something, that something should be your business and it can be if you’re effective in ranking your website for the relevant keywords through SEO.

You can immediately enhance your digital presence with efficient SEO activity. It is described as the process of getting more eyeballs and greater visibility for your web pages on any given web search engine. 

As an Internet marketing strategy, SEO takes into account hundreds of factors. Here are some quick tips you can take to improve your ranking in the major search engines.


Improve Website Speed

It is a fact that most users abandon a webpage that does not load quickly. These are some of the greatest hacks for increasing your website speed and delivering a glitch-free experience:

Keep the homepage as light as possible. Make sure that your homepage is not overloaded with scripts, videos, large images, unneeded code, etc. You must make it as crisp and concise as possible.

Images and Videos make your website interactive and add a personal touch. The downside of this, however, is that it can make your website extremely slow. You can reduce the size and resolution of the images as well as videos. You can also edit videos to include snippets rather than a lengthy film. This shall substantially improve your website’s speed.

Replace design elements with text wherever possible.


How to create Page Titles relevant to your content

Pay attention to the length of your title: A very long title does little to capture the imagination of the user. Write a title that is short, crisp, catchy and by all means unique.

Watch out with keyword density: Although keyword density is extremely important for SEO but overusing the keywords in your headers can take away from the relevance of your content. 

Use a descriptive title: The page title must be extremely descriptive. Make sure that you write relevant titles for your pages. Do not give your pages broad titles that have a very expansive meaning. For instance, “Fiction”, “Non-Fiction” and “Blogs” are better off as three separate pages rather than a single page titled “Writing”.


Content which is relevant from SEO viewpoint

In digital marketing, content is vital, some even state “content is king”. If the content is engaging enough, it shall automatically enhance the rankings of your webpage. For that, the required keywords must be used optimally throughout the content. 

Adding an XML and HTML sitemap to your website:

It is important to create an XML map that leads to your website because this will be instrumental in bringing traffic to your website. It is a Google recommended feature that essentially consists of a text-based URL road map of your website.

Regular Blogging and creating engaging content:

It is also equally important to create engaging original content that strikes a chord with the reader. The primary purpose of broadcasting content on your website is not to generate web traffic. It is to reach out to your target audience. The content must be personalized and captivating.


Optimize Your Content

Carefully select the content on the homepage. The “Above the fold” content is the content that appears on the very first interface of your website without having to scroll down. This is the section that you have to carefully prioritize.

link content within your website

Internal linking is an extremely important component of SEO. This essentially requires linking words and phrases in the home-page content to the relevant web pages in addition to proving designated titled pages.

Monitor your 404 error pages

There are several tools that you can use such as Screaming Frog or Site Liner that can help you in checking broken links that cause the 404 error.

Analyze your link structure, remove spam links

It is extremely important to systematically identify and remove spam links. They are relatively easy to spot. Take a careful look at the anchor text of the link. It may sound fake or incoherent. This could be a spam link.

Don’t over think it. While there are over 200 ranking factors for Google, pay attention the top ranking factors; Titles, Content, Structure, Errors, Internal Links. If you want to do the simplest thing, simply make sure the keywords you’re trying to rank for are relevant to the content you have on that page. These simple tips can help increase your rank, increase your traffic and increase your leads.

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