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There are reasons SEO's aren't trusted


Why SEO Companies Aren’t Trusted?

Word on the street is that SEO companies aren’t trusted. Many businesses who have dealt with an SEO company in the past don’t trust them. Some compare SEO professionals to snake oil salesmen. While many SEO companies will vehemently defend their position, the fact is that how do companies overcome a bad experience?

In this article, we’ll take a look at the reasons why SEO companies aren’t trusted. Knowing this can help genuine result-driven SEO companies to assure prospective and current clients of results.


In the SEO industry, you quite frankly get what you pay for. Unfortunately, low-quality SEO is harmful and can end up doing more harm than any short term good, but it is cheap. That’s what many businesses don’t seem to understand.

SEO isn’t a push putting process. It requires time, effort and an understanding of the industry. If you are paying for cheap SEO, the provider has to cut corners to make a profit. So, they most likely are relying on automated tools and low paid labor in cheap countries. Either way that means you get low-quality SEO that ends up, resulting in a bad experience.

A professional SEO company is expensive. Expect to pay $100 to $200 an hour, but the results will be worth it. Our advice is if you don’t have the budget yet for expert quality SEO, wait till you have it before proceeding. Waiting isn’t going to harm your website like low-quality SEO potentially can.


Rank in 7 days on Page One for Your Main Keyword” is just one example of the many unrealistic promises that SEO companies make. Interestingly 99% of SEO companies making this promise know that it isn’t possible to rank for any keyword worth anything in “7 days”. It takes a lot more time, but they say this to get your money.

Even a company that promises to rank your website in a few months isn’t being entirely truthful. In today’s competitive SEO landscape, where just about every business is putting money into ranking, getting that coveted page 1 spot can take at least a year. Plus, it needs to be coupled with a long-term marketing plan, and a solid Pay, Per Click campaign, to keep the leads coming in while you wait for your website to get onto “page 1.”


Many SEOs will tell you that they use what’s called their “secret sauce” to rank any website. In actuality, it is just them saying “we aren’t going to tell you what we do”. The truth is that anyone can learn SEO, with loads of free resources online. Experiment with a few websites, and you have a bit of experience too. However, most business owners don’t have the time to put into learning or implementing SEO. That’s why they need to hire a company.

The vast majority of clients come to us because we are transparent. They also don’t want to spend the time and effort to learn SEO, a skill which quite frankly they don’t need to because they are running lucrative businesses already.

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