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How to Draw Attention to Your Brand Through Advertising



When people think of an item or service, your goal as a business owner is for their minds to go right to your brand. There is great power in brand awareness. People go to the brands they are familiar with, even if there are more inexpensive options. You can create greater awareness of your brand through advertising.


Competition is fierce, and your advertising should be so compelling it almost forces people to stop and look. Don’t be boring! Find some way to stand out and create something clever. This can be a logo (“the world runs on . . .”), a jingle (“give me a break, give me a break, break me off a piece of that . . .”), or even a mascot (think of Martin the gecko!) Brand awareness is critical enough, you might consider outsourcing to a professional to find the perfect image or words that call attention to your brand.


When it comes to getting attention for your brand, it is time to think outside of the box. Creative advertising can be eye-catching, wide-reaching, and inexpensive. Send personal letters with special offers or helpful articles. Advertise on everything from shopping carts to playbills. Create fun clothing featuring your brand and use influencers to make it a trend. Inundate your area with flyers. You can even popularize your brand by putting it on your car and driving it around town! There are benefits to using vehicle wraps to advertise your business. They will attract people looking for your item or service who will then contact you—a win/win for all involved.


While tried and true advertising is highly effective, it is also quite expensive. Save money by taking your brand online. Social media is an almost universal way of reaching people, and top influencers reach mass audiences. Enlist a team of influencers to introduce your brand to a specialized audience. You can also flood social media platforms with information about your business. Finally, set up a website. A fun and informative website that is filled with relevant content can attract crowds of people.

When it comes to getting your brand out there, it is nearly impossible to overdo it. Dapple in some of everything. Think conventional, think unconventional, and think virtual. Fill the world with your brand one little bit at a time!

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