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How to Build a Culture That Drives Your Business


Company culture is more than internal

There is no short discussion about company culture, and for good reason. Company culture is such an essential part of what makes certain businesses thrive, and others to fail, so it requires a lot of deep thought and intentional action. Building an effective company culture certainly is very possible, however. Here are a few simple ways you can build a company culture that drives your business towards success.


What do you believe in as a company? What are you trying to solve as a business? And what would you like your company’s impact to be on the world? These are the kinds of questions you need to consider when trying to identify your core values as a business.

Identifying your core values will help guide your business decisions, so that you make choices that reflect your values, not just your bottom line. Having strong core values will make you and your employees and your clients feel that you are doing more than just business.


There is nothing that kills morale and team spirit like a company that treats their employees as interchangeable task-performing robots. If you want your company culture to be happy, healthy, and fun then you should instead treat your employees like superstars. Employee recognition programs offer numerous benefits to your company. This means paying fair wages, bonuses, time off, parental leave, benefits, and experiences that make them feel like valued members of your business. Treating people like superstars will help them feel like superstars, which will make them work more like one!


Businesses that give back to their communities tend to have a happier workforce and better public perception. Giving back can also be a great way to stay true to your company values by donating to causes that reflect why you are in business. It also helps employees to bond! Try looking for ways to donate, or organize company wide volunteer days or opportunities so that your business contributes to the greater good of the community you serve. This will pay dividends in the way your employees feel about working for your company.

Having a strong and positive company culture is a great way to keep clients, retain employees, and make your business work for good in the world, rather than just for profit. Maintaining a company culture that will drive success is an ongoing process, one that must be constantly checked and evaluated. By following these steps, you should be able to start your journey towards a company culture everyone will want to be part of.

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