Conversion Rate Optimization

How User Behavior Affects Search Rankings

Basic search engine optimization (SEO) tactics, like using strategic keywords and including important metadata on each page, are still important. But it’s ultimately the way users behave when visiting a website that will determine its visibility on search engine results pages. Here’s a closer look…

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What to Include on your Business Launch Checklist

We live in the best time in human history for entrepreneurs. Starting a business is less of a challenge than it was decades ago. On the other hand, the enormous amount of choices, from buying software to hiring marketers, makes it hard for professionals to…

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CRO For Websites…What Is It?

First we need to define what CRO is as it pertains to website design & development. CRO or Conversion Rate Optimization is the process of systematically designing and developing a website that will convert more visitors into leads. The correct design and structure of your…

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