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Customer Review Management is today's hot topic but how do you go about protecting your brand and managing your reviews? It's not just what you manage but more importantly how you manage your reviews to protect your brand. With so many options for consumers and patients, you need a plan for managing your reviews and how to turn bad customer reviews into an advocate for your brand.

Protecting Your Brand Through Customer Review Management

Customers and patients have endless opportunities to tell their story to willing participants online today. With immediate access to sites such as yelp, yellow pages, google, health grades and more to read what others have said about you. If you’re not monitoring those review sites, you’re not managing your brand effectively. Negative reviews aren’t necessarily a bad thing, it true, they can either alert you to an issue you have at your business that needs addressing. You also have an opportunity here to turn a negative into a positive based on how you respond to your negative reviewer. Negative reviews also give you an opportunity to engage with consumers or patients that are reading that review. You’ll often find consumers reading negative reviews of a business, which means as they look for negative review, they’re still engaging with your brand, you response to negative reviews can be the difference of a new customer or patient versus losing them to a competitor.


Your brand image can be destroyed in a matter of minutes if you’re not managing your customer reviews.

You get into trouble with customer review management when you’re not managing your reviews. Negative reviews can be very harmful if you have more negative than positive reviews. As a business you should always practicing outreach for positive reviews. We have to give consumers credit, they understand no business is perfect and they will make mistakes. It’s how a company reacts and responds that makes the difference. Consumers will see through the negative reviews that clearly show this person was having a bad day. Where you get into trouble is if you don’t have enough positive reviews to outweigh the negative ones.

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What positive reviews will do for your company?

▶  Attract New Customers & Patients
▶  Build Trust With Consumers
▶  Your Customer & Patients Become Advocates
▶  Consumers More Likely To Do Business With You
▶  Your Brand Is Protected




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