Our Process

What You Can Expect From Us

At InnoVision we take the time to get to know you, your business, and what it is exactly that sets you apart. Unlike many companies in our industry, we’re concerned with your success—not with lining our pockets by putting you into a campaign that provides us the largest profit margins. We’ll find the service that best fits you and your goals. The days of choosing a “package” from a list are over; your marketing should be unique to your company’s needs. We’ll put together a custom campaign that’s affordable and effective.

We find that in investing the extra time with a customer, we more often than not gain a partner for the long term. InnoVision can set you up for success for years down the road. Where others may have failed, we will certainly deliver.

1Initial Consultation

We’ll spend this time learning about your business, your goals, and what’s appropriate for your budget.


We’ll identify what’s working and what isn’t with your marketing. We’ll identify your competitors. Based on that information we’ll get together again to talk strategy.


From our research, we’ll put together a proposal that will deliver the desired results. Based on your budget, we’ll recommend the services that will best fit your needs.

4More Research

When our proposal is accepted, we’ll complete a detailed analysis of your competitors, what they are doing, and how we’ll set up your campaign.

5Setup Campaigns

Based on our competitive analysis, we’ll get to work. This is when our team hits the ground running. We’ll assign the appropriate team members to the services we’ll provide.

6Track & Report

This will vary based on the services provided. Some services such as PPC, display, and social media will provide us immediate results. Services such SEO can take months to see desired results.

7Analyze & Adjust

We’ll analyze each campaign for optimal performance and adjust as necessary.

8Repeat steps 6 & 7

We’re constantly tracking, reporting, analyzing, and adjusting your marketing campaign. This process never ends.