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SEM or Search Engine Marketing can deliver results if you have the
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A Petaluma & Sacramento SEM Company That Does It Right

Paid Advertising has many names; As a Petaluma & Sacramento SEO company we try to educate first so we all understand. Pay Per Click, “sponsored ads” or SEM (Search Engine Marketing) are areas on search engines and social media sites where you can position yourself to gain more targeted traffic. These ads are displayed by bidding on keywords relevant to your products or services or by targeting specific demographics. More commonly used with search engines, these “sponsored” areas are located at the top and along the right hand side of a SERP (search engine result page). Pay per click marketing, sometimes referred to as search engine marketing, is a very effective way to drive targeted and qualified traffic to your website. Depending on the area you wish to target—from a 10 mile radius around your location to nationwide and beyond—InnoVision will determine along with you the necessary budget. Through correct needs analysis, we’ll develop a platform that will provide you with results.

Don’t just look to Google, look at Yahoo & Bing Ads to maximize your budget

SEM or Search Engine Marketing as it’s known now or previously known as PPC or Pay Per Click, both terms refer to the use of paid ads through the search engines by targeting search terms with text based ads or display advertising. Essentially you’re paying each time your ad is clicked. Now search engine marketing has evolved into video ads through the search engines and YouTube.

Our pay per click platform will include the following:

▶ Daily budget to ensure a full month of exposure
▶ Low maintenance fees
▶ Weekly reports
▶ Online campaign access
▶ dedicated call tracking, email tracking, and visitor
▶ Monthly PPC campaign optimization

SEM is complicated, not having the right strategy will result in wasteful budget spend and loss leads. Contact InnoVision to put your SEM campaign back on the right track.




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