Time to start winning with your Social Strategy

Your Customers Are On Social
Media Are You?


Social Media That
Will Work For You

Social Media Management is more than posting on Facebook a few times a week. You need to identify the correct social sites that will reach potential customers.

Social Media Helps You Connect With Your Audience

Most business owners know they should be involved with social media, but few have the time, resources, or know-how to successfully navigate this important part of SEO. Social media is much more than posting on Facebook and Twitter. There are thousands of social media websites—our job is to help you identify the correct ones for your business and its unique goals. Based on your goals, we’ll work with you to develop a social media plan. The main reason that businesses fail or flounder with social media is that they do not have a solid, focused plan. The success of social media comes with correct preparation and planning.

The new “word of mouth”, use social media to engage and interact with your customers

Social Media Management allows you to engage and interact with your customers. By opening those lines of communication you’re able to help spread your message and more importantly allow your customers spread your message for you. Social Media allows you to engage with other like no other platform.

If you don’t plan for success, how will you succeed? InnoVision will help you plan and prepare by taking the following into consideration:

▶  Why do you want to get into Social Media?
▶  What are your goals?
▶  Who is your audience?
▶  How much time can you dedicate?
▶  Which Social Media Sites are best for your business to utilize?

Located in Sacramento & Petaluma, we have the team in place that can help with managing your social media accounts or consult with your in house social media team.




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